Berdoues Grands Crus Discovery Set


Berdoues Grands Crus Discovery Set

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A discovery set of fragrances inspired by exotic locations around the globe.

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Let these fragrances transport you around the globe.

Arz El-rab is the Cedars forest of Mount Lebanon. It develops its complexity yielding the numerous notes of singular ingredients from the purest lands. Ginger from china, iris from morocco, and virginian cedar offer the best of their personalities resulting in a deep, intense nose.

Assam of India is the embodiment of assam tea that reveals unexpected intensity. Citron from Menton, tea from India, and sandalwood from Mysore join together in a unique blend that retains the natural elegance of tea leaves.

Oud al Sahraa is an enveloping scent of oud. Singular and powerful, the fragrance elegantly unfurls its charm. The sensuality of Orient in a glass bottle, it blends mandarin from Italy, myrrh from Namibia an oud wood from Malaysia to release a powerful, captivating bouquet.

Scorza di Sicilia carries the authenticity as a legacy—a supernatural alchemy between the earth’s gifts, the sun’s abundance, and the scarce rain. Citron from Calabria, Virginian cedar and vetiver from Indonesia deliver an intense perfume lead by Hesperides notes.

Selva do Brazil reveals an original and unreal nature. A gentle rain skims across the skin, which leaves a sensation of freshness and lightness. Petitgrain from Paraguay, tonka bean from Brazil, and gaiac wood from Argentina combine to create a scent inspired by the sap in the heart of the selva’s trees.

Somei Yoshino is a blend of the Earth’s noblest material: Shiso from Japan, jasmine sambac from India, and patchouli from Indonesia mingled into a balanced and harmonious floral bouquet.

Vanira Moorea reveals a wild and sensual vanilla with deliciously addictive notes. The exoticism of islands on a glass bottle. Fruit of a delicate assembly of orange of Brazil, petit grain of Paraguay and vanilla of Tahiti.

Peng Lai invites you to daydream and is formulated with osmanthus from China, sublimated thanks to a blend with benzoin from Laos and tonka bean from Brazil—the delicacy of China captured in a glass bottle.

This set contains:
– 8 x 0.07 oz/ 2 mL Eau de Parfums in Scorza Di Sicili, Selva Do Brazil, Assam Of India, Oud Al-Sahraa, Somei Yoshino, Arz El-Rab, Vanira Moorea, Peng Lai

What else you need to know: 
These Eau de Parfums have an extended maceration for a month in specific tank and a 15 percent concentration.

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